Social Media Management

Over the next few weeks I’m going to release a series of blogs which provide an overview of some of the most popular CRM features – starting today with the hot potato that is Social Media Management.

Love it or loathe it, social media is here to stay and likely to be consuming an ever increasing amount of sales and marketing time. Anything we can do to make this process more efficient and maximise our return on investment has to be a positive.

Known variously as; ‘Social Relationship Management’, ‘Social Media Marketing’, ‘Social Media Integration’ and just plain old ‘Social’;  Social Media Management allows you to view and engage with several Social Media channels from a single platform – giving you a much clearer overview of what stimulates your customers and prospects.


Work Holistically…

You can monitor and analyse customer feedback and brand performance across several social channels and receive notifications when someone interacts with your brand. You can generate leads and influence potential buyers with relevant sales context. You can track and analyse hashtags and keywords, and automate listening streams in order to guide your marketing.

You can then draft, collaborate, review and approve campaign content within a shared workspace and use intelligent reporting to promote the most popular campaigns and reach new customers and markets. You can also create new CRM contacts directly from social channels and enrich CRM data with data available through social platforms.


Key Benefits…

  • Manage several Social Media channels from a single platform
  • Understand what stimulates your customers and prospects
  • Generate leads from Social Media channels
  • Monitor brand performance across several social platforms
  • Automate contextual understanding for your own marketing
  • Work collaboratively on campaigns in a shared workspace
  • Enrich CRM data with data available on social media channels



It’s worth noting that not all CRM Systems will have integrations with all Social Media platforms. If you’re in the process of choosing a CRM and you regularly communicate with your prospects and clients on social media – this will be a key component of the requirements gathering process. And whilst it may be unrealistic to expect an exact fit, I would recommend having a conversation with providers about their plans for Social Media integration to ensure they are at least theoretically in-line with what you’d like to achieve.


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