CRM System Causing Headaches?

If your CRM system is out of date, poorly managed or missing completely – the chances are ‘customer relationship management’ is causing more pain than pleasure.

Most CRM systems carry the power to elevate their host organisations way above their current operational level – and it’s statistically proven that companies using CRM (successfully) have improved sales by 29%!


On average 30% of CRM roll-outs fail within the first 2 years  – with that figure rising to 63% for large organisations. This is mainly attributed to a lack of original suitability & planning, poor ongoing maintenance and low levels of user training & engagement. (Statistics: Salesforce, CIO & Merkle group PLC respectively)


We’d Like To Help…

We are a completely independent and impartial CRM Consultancy and we offer a full suite of CRM solutions designed to help you bring your CRM software in line with your business needs – so you can start benefitting from increased relevance, greater efficiency, happier service users and accomplished sales and marketing objectives.

Our Game Changing Solutions…

  • CRM Selection & Implementation – Using Our Extensive Knowledge and Comprehensive Databases – We Will Help You to Compare, Choose, Customise, Implement and Integrate a CRM System which Best Suits Your Organisational Requirements.
  • Switching CRM – We Will Guide You Through our Selection and Comparison Process, Manage Data Migration And Provide a Smooth Transition to a System which Provides You With a Greater ROI.
  • CRM Development – We Will Help You to Revise Your Existing CRM Strategy, Manage the Planned Customisation and Development of Your CRM and Deliver a More Personalised and Productive CRM Experience.
  • CRM Auditing – We Will Help You to Baseline Your Existing Data Management System and Business Processes, Explore Alternative Options and Develop a Continuous CRM Improvement Strategy.
  • CRM Advice – We are Happy to Provide Independent, Impartial Consultation on an As-needed Basis to Help Your Organisation Make Well Informed Business Intelligence Decisions.


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